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Political Peoplescapes

Calef fearlessly addresses political issues with humor. Juxtaposing people and places, adding colorful details, including sculpture, fabric and found objects, she highlights the madness of our society.

If They Only Knew

If They Only Knew     oil, sculpture, fabric, paper, found objects on canvas, 36" x 48"

The newsroom fills our collective brain with information clips of life’s bizarre
and surreal headlines. How often do we get the real story?  

Check, Please

Check, Please      oil, sculpture, fabric, found objects, jewelry on canvas   36" x 36"

A cerebral game of chess is being played between the forces of good and evil,
where good is winning. The cat watches as the devilish powers disregard
the rules and attempt an underhanded invasion.


Another Day at the Office,
      oil, sculpture, fabric, mixed media on canvas, 30" x 36"

newspaper clippings chronicling September 11, 2001 cover the floor and walls. Final
article completed painting in 2011 when Bin Laden was killed.

Patriot Act

Patriot Act
      oil, sculpture, tile, fabric, paper, found objects on canvas     24" x 36"

The tranquil and panoramic hot-tub setting, where the characters privately
luxuriate, is in stark contrast to the provisions of the Patriot Act, which seductively
diminishes our fundamental liberties.

Sold Down the River

Sold Down The River      oil on canvas       40" x 30"

Anna Nicole Smith is more important to the networks than Katrina;
while Scooter Libby becomes flotsam of the administration’s continuing ride on the back
of the military industrial complex right over the American people.

It Goes With the Chair

It Goes With The Chair      oil on canvases      
36" x 36"

People often buy artwork to match their couch, and given the delicate subject of capital
punishment, along with the media, and public opinion, It Goes With the Couch Chair also considers
the karmic implications of a society that legally kills.

Cafe 420

Cafe Four-Twenty    oil, sculpture, wood, fabric, found objects, paper on canvas   40" x 30" x 4"


CNN    oil on canvas    36 " x 48"

The costume party rages on as tanks come over the bridge. The crowd is
sprinkled with those prepared for the carnival of war.

Good Life

Good Life
      oil, sculpture, fabric, paper, semi precious stones, found objects on canvas       30" x 40" 

Guests luxuriate, cohabitating with drilling rig.
Helmet Hair

Helmet Hair       oil, sculpture, fabric, paper, plastic, found objects on canvas     24" X 18"

Woman collects bullets from the war themed slot machine.

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I'm Just Saying

I'm Just Saying
         oil, sculpture, fabric, paper, leather, found objects on canvas     48 " x 120" (3 panels)

The unrepresented come together in the fight for justice against all odds. 
The 3d police, children & dog exaggerate both the aggressor and the victim mentality. 
Barack Obama Presidential inauguration invites hope backdropped by Bush's helicopter
departure; prejudice boil over and many wait with impatience and skepticism. 

Millennium Models

Millennium Models         oil on canvas       48 " x 48"

Haute Coutere reflects the Post 9/11 culture of the war on terror, while the Statute of Liberty lies in ruins.

Bush & Powell

Bush & Powell       oil, sculpture, fabric, paper. found objects on canvas         30" x 40"

Not only are Bush and Powell powerful men, they are a cable car stop in San Francisco. 
Billboards comment on the Middle Eastern crisis.

American Dream

Hashtag Dummy POTUS
  oil on canvas   30" x 24"

Still Wading

Still Wading      oil on canvas      36" x 48"

Betty Friedan leads womankind to its destiny across the bridge of control.
The Triple Goddess, symbol of female lifecycles, announces powerhouses Hillary Clinton,
Nancy Pelosi, slaughtered Benizir Bhutto and pregnant girl in Pope’s folds before the world stage.

No Free Lunch

No Free Lunch       oil, sculpture, fabric, paper, found objects on canvas         48" x 48"

The  near future of commercial travel is highlighted:  advertisements blare on the 
overhead compartments, while the air hostess sells oxygen, toilet paper and water. 
Bernie Madoff sits beside a woman studying up on his corruption in Madoff Gate.


Amnesty         oil, sculpture, fabric, paper, found objects on canvas         36" x 48"

Encircled by Homeland Security fences, the diverse crop of citizen-seekers wait
patiently at the immigration lawyer’s office.


Supremes     oil on canvas     36" x 48"

The Statue of Liberty is on trial, while the historical figures in the gallery
represent good and evil, from Clarence Darrow, Thurgood Marshall, Gandhi, Dalai Lama,
Abraham Lincoln, to Nixon, Bush, Cheney, Rove, Bin Laden, Sadam Hussein, among others.

looking up

Looking Up
      oil, sculpture, fabric, paper, found objects on canvas      48" x 36"

The stock exchange in all its madness, highlighting our culture's relationship to money.

Nancy Calef
Millennium Models
Another Day at the Office
Just Say No
Good Life
Elephant in the Room
No Free Lunch
Helmet Hair

Pile Of . . .         oil, wire, paper on canvas           24" x 30"

The Bush regime is depicted in the naked pile, while Abu Zubaydah,
one of the terrorists held at Guantánamo Bay, is leaning on Cheney's heart machine,
obviously his moralless substitution for a heart. 
Modern Deluge

Modern Deluge        oil on canvas         40 " x 30"

"Nancy Calef, out of San Francisco, gives us Modern Deluge, The big, rough oil shows cartoon characters like
Arnold  Schwarzenegger, Condi, and John Ashcroft sitting together  while Laura gazes,  stoned  and fawn-like,
at her husband at his desk. Behind her husband's George Bush  mask is Osama bin  Laden; from his belly
protrudes Dick Cheney's face like an evil Siamese twin on X-Files. Over the Capitol's sky- line float
Martha Stewart and Michael Jackson, while Tyco, MCI and WorldCom go unnoticed. It's a nicely naïf
(and beautifully bitter) painting; it's Grandma Moses with a subscription to Covert Action Information Quarterly."

Rebecca Schoenkopf  OC Weekly 2004
Review of Monkey Business -- POTUS - Koo's Art Gallery 

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Elephant in The Room

Elephant in the Room, oil, sculpture, paper, fabric, found objects on canvas, 48" x 60"

the post 9-11 airport hysteria is depicted; police search a traveler, purse sits unaccompanied as masses rush to their destination. 
Above the fray, sitting with an armed soldier, is Ganesh, the Hindu elephant-faced God, remover of obstacles,
invoker of a higher consciousness, beyond the dog-sniffing paranoia, and fear driven society we have become. 
No longer concentrated on customer service, transportation has been stripped. 

ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM - Focus Gallery, SF 2010

The Ref

The Ref
   oil, sculpture, fabric, found objects on canvas, 36" x 48"

Nature looks on as earth battles man.  The audience is peppered with influential environmental
activists and polluters such as the Koch brothers.

War Room

War Room, oil, paper, plastic on canvas, 24" x 30"

Manipulative powers, while silencing other opinions, control our involvement in war not taking into
account the unknown spirits, symbolized by swirling mist entering through the window.


American Dream
Sold Down the River
looking up
Bush & Powell
If They Only Knew
Cafe 420
It Goes With The Chair
Patriot Act
I'm Just Saying
Still Wading
Modern Deluge

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