"Plein air landscape painting is a meditative and instructional process that forces me to observe with a sharper eye in preparation for "peoplescapes" created from my imagination. I've carried my paints around the world working in plein-air to capture the changing light and colors of the lush, tropical scenery.  My fascination with the complicated cultures and incredibly beautiful landscapes of Southeast Asia, has led me through India, Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam and Indonesia. The race against light and time is a strange meditation challenging me to concentrate on the moment while offering an opportunity to be absorbed into nature. I find art to be a universal language." Nancy Calef

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Nancy Calef
Benares, India
Dreamy Sunset
Bodega Bay Fog
South China Sea
Venice Beach
Balinese Women
Night Alcatraz
Bathing at the Ghats

Mendocino Coast        oil on canvas        18" x 24"

Bodega Bay Fog

Bodega Bay Fog, 24" x 18" (2 panels)

Benares, India      oil on canvas      36" x 48"

Primal Reception      oil on canvas       36" x 48"

Sarangkot, Nepal       oil on canvas        36" x 48"

South China Sea      oil on canvas       28" x 34"

Night Alcatraz      oil on canvas       28" x 36"

Bathing at the Ganges     oil on canvas      44" x 24"

Lush Garden      oil on canvas      40" x 24"

White Caps, Mendocino      oil on canvas     14" x 18"

Samos, Greece    oil, newspaper & sandpaper on canvas     18" x 24"

High Tide       oil on canvas       24" x 30"

Khajarajo, India      oil on canvas      34" x 42"

Santorini, Greece        oil on canvas       36" x 38"

Balinese Women       oil on canvas      24" x 36 "

Venice Beach   oil on canvas     24" x 30"

Sunset (4 panels)     oil on canvas      24" x 72"


Yuba River, oil on canvas, 14" x 18"

Fort Lauderdale Pier

Fort Lauderdale Pier
        oil on canvas     20"x 16"





Garden    oil on canvas     44" x 24"

Dreamy Sunset

Santa Cruz Pier
   oil on canvas    18" x 24"

Greek Island

Greek Island   oil on canvas   24" x 30"

dreamy sunset

Koh Samui Morning       oil on canvas       24" x 38"

Lush Garden
Santorini, Greece
primal reception
Greek Island
White Caps
Fort Lauderdale Pier
Mendocino, CA
Yuba River
Samos, Greece
Richardson Bay
Fog Over Alcatraz
Koh Samui morning
Women of Hoi'an
Sarangkot, Nepal

Hoi'An, Vietnam      oil on canvas       36" x 48"

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