Ladies Luncheon

Ladies Luncheon      oil on canvas        36 " x 36 "


Lifecycles   oil on canvas    44" round

Nancy Calef Gallery                                                                        
Horn Of Plenty Calef
Deaf, Dumb & Blind

ladies luncheon
Extra Inner

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Works on Canvas -
2D Peoplescapes

My two dimensional paintings on canvas "Peoplescapes" are inspired by my fascination with people everywhere today facing global issues, and satisfy my discipline for drawing figures, color and composition. I create a visual narrative by weaving together personalities, places and current events. With a skewed photojournalist’s style, I try to capture an important historical period. Each painting, while filled with considerable detail, unfolds uniquely, without plans or sketches. The paintings evolve as I follow my universal language.
May it never stop.

Nancy Calef Meridian Gallery

World Music

World Music    oil on canvas    48" x 36"

Music is a universal language.

HA by Nancy Calef

   oil on canvas board 24" x 30"


   oil on canvas   36" x 48"

The costume party rages on as the tanks come over the bridge.
The crowd is sprinkled with individuals prepared for the carnival of war.

Cliffhanger by Nancy Calef

   oil on canvas  40" x 30"

Song For Ruth     oil on canvas   20" x 16"

Horn Of Plenty by Nancy Calef

Horn of Plenty    oil canvas   30" x 40"
Deaf, Dumb & Blind

Deaf, Dumb & Blind    oil on canvas     36" x 48"

Published in Nothing But The Truth So Help Me God (Band Of Women Publishers)

Blues Festival   oil on canvas    36" x 48"

Karma The Musical by Nancy Calef

Karma The Musical, oil on canvas, 72" x 36" (3 canvasses)

Deaf Dumb and Blind

Extra-Inner     oil, paper, coins, metal, found objects on canvas     36" x 36"

State of the World

State of the World       oil on canvas     36" x 60"

Through my travels and experience as resident artist at the State of the World Forum,
I've been inspired by the transforming power of unifying people from various cultures,
religions, and professionals to address global issues.

Red Carpet

Red Carpet
    oil on canvas         30" x 40"

In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight
   oil on canvas   36" x 48"

On-location filming addresses America’s obsession with media and celebrity.  The stars and
understudy are portrayed in black and white to emphasize their unreality.

Karma The Musical - Calef
Ha Calef
In the Spotlight
Bluesfest by Nancy Calef
Cliffhanger Calef
State of the World
Red Carpet
World Music
Song For Ruth Calef
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