bTipsy - Calef

Tipsy      oil on canvas        20 " x 24 "

Crashing Water - Calef

Crashing Water
   oil on canvasses (2)    12" x 16"

Its 10:00 am, Do You Know Where Your Parents Are? Calef

Its 10:00 am, Do You Know Where Your Parent Are?
     oil & acrylic on board   30" x 24"

Cliffhanger - Calef

Cliffhanger     oil on canvas   30" x 24"

                                                                   Nancy Calef     
BraveNewWorld Calef
Wine Country - Calef
Karma The Musical - Calef
Crashing Water
Spirit of Democracy Calef
Buckhorn Cove
Zoned Calef
Its10AM. Do You Know Where Your Parents Are? Calef

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     New Paintings

Peoplescapes are inspired by my fascination with people from all over the globe. I create a visual narrative by weaving together characters, places and current events. With a skewed photojournalist’s style, I try to capture our important historical period. Each painting, while filled with considerable detail, unfolds uniquely, without plans or sketches and evolve as I follow my universal language.

Planeslashing involves cutting through painted canvases and transforming them into a unified work.  By tearing down one or more existing works at a time, manipulating them, and then painting into the re-configured whole, adding found objects and sculpture; portions of the underlying picture(s) remains intact, resulting in a cohesively transformed multi-dimensional piece.

Plein air landscape painting is a meditative and instructional process that forces me to observe with a sharper eye in preparation for "peoplescapes" created from my imagination. I've carried my paints around the world working in plein-air.

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Karma The Musical - Calef

Karma The Musical
   oil on canvas   72" x 36" (3 horizontal panels 24" x 36")


Orient Express - Calef

Orient Express,
    oil on canvas    16" x 20"

Wash Your Hands - Calef
Wash Your Hands, oil, acrylic, sculpture, metal, found objects on canvas   24" x 30" x 3"

Brave New World - Calef

Brave New World
   oil, sculpture, fabric, wood, found objects on canvas   52" x 70"


Horn of Plenty    oil on canvas   30" x 40"

Spirit of Democracy - Calef

Spirit of Democracy     oil, sculpture, fabric, leather, found objects on canvas   48" x 60"
Propaganda Springs Eternal - calef

Propaganda Springs Etermal    oil on canvas   34" x 28"

Zoned - Calef

   oil, sculpture, fabric, found objects on canvas     24" x 24"


Three Birds   oil, found objects on canvasses (3)   16" x 20"

We Got You Covered - Calef

We Got You Covered
   oil, sculpture, fabric, wood, found objects on canvas    36" x 48"

In the modern medical mall waiting room: a young man's thumbs are in a cast from tweeting, another man wears his racing
jacket coated with health insurance logos; receiving stations are separately designated according to body parts,
and angels of comfort gather to help ease those on the way out.  The dangling soldier is emblematic of the increased
number of post combat suicides. Nearby a management meeting on healthcare cuts is fueled by a hot air balloon, while the
female diagram shows where funds will be depleted.  Above the drug store, a host of professionals participate in a woman's
medical decisions, while babies are being incubated in the lab.

Buckhorn Cove - Calef

Buckhorn Cove, Mendocino
    oil on canvas   12" x 16"

A Song for Ruth - Calef

A Song For Ruth      oil on canvas     20" x 16"

Stairway to Heaven - Calef

Stairway to Heaven      oil, computer parts, wood, tile, on canvasses (3)      16" x 20"

Mendocino Water Tower - Calef

Mendocino Water Tower
     oil on canvas  16" x 12"

Wine Country - Calef

Wine Country     oil, computer parts, found objects on canvasses (3), 16" x 12"

Beyond the Curtain Calef

Beyond the Curtain       oil, computer parts, found objects on canvas     36" x 48"

HA  Calef

    oil on canvas         22 " x 28"

Nice, California - Calef

Nice, California
   oil on canvas   12" x 16"
Song For Ruth Calef
We Got You Covered
American Dream
Mendocino Water Tower - Calef
Propoganda Springs Eternal Calef
Cliffhanger Calef
Tipsy Calef
Four Twenty
Ha Calef
Nice, California - Calef
Horn Of Plenty Calef
Three Birds - Calef
Wash Your Hands Calef
Beyond the Curtain  by Nancy Calef
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